4 med.-sized sweet potatoes, peeled & grated (cheese grater or food processor) 1 c. minced or coarsely grated onion 4 eggs, lightly beaten ½ c. matzoh meal (or white flour) salt/pepper, to taste (optional: cinnamon) ¾ c. vegetable oil optional garnishes: sour cream, Greek yogurt, green onions, applesauce

In large bowl, mix grated sweet potatoes, onion, spices, & egg. Add enough matzoh meal or flour to make a batter. It should be thick enough that it isn't runny or "gloppy." Heat oil over med-high heat until hot. Drop large spoonful of batter into pan (usually about 4 per pan) and flatten with a slotted spatula until they're round (not too thin or thick). Fry till bottom is golden, 2-4 mins. Flip. Fry other side. Drain extra on paper towels; serve immediately!

Recipe submitted by CSA member Dina Gamboni