This afternoon I spent a couple of hours working on the house with Miguel. We installed re-bar on the curved retaining wall for the earth covering on the house. We have lots of re-bar to install and tie. It would be nice if it stayed dry.

We have lots of seeds planted on the farm and growing crops that would love a drop of rain.

We want to move the chickens onto last springs strawberry beds. They do a wonderful job of incorporating all the straw and eating up the strawberry runners and weeds. If it rains we will not be able to move them.

So it goes on the farm; we want rain and we do not want rain all at the same time. We grow so many crops whatever the weather we are having at any given time is good for some crops and not good for others. So we get bent out of shape or we accept it and have fun farming with the hand dealt us. We choose the later.