We will be at the Ferry Building in San Francisco Tuesday morning lending our services to promote composting in San Francisco. This is a great and vital program for the environment and farms like ours. Compost is the backbone of the fertility that grows the produce in our Eatwell Boxes every week of the year.

Here's some very quotable facts that we all need to appreciate...

San Francisco residents and businesses have composted more than 620,000 tons of compost which has avoided creating more than 127,000 tons of methane. This gas is 21 times more damaging to the environment that CO2.

The total CO2 benefit is the equivalent of reforesting 23.5 square miles. This is an area 140 times the size of our farm (Eatwell Farm covers 105 acres)

If you are in the area please come by and say hello. Hopefully all the local news channels will cover the story.

Your support of Eatwell Farm makes use of some of this compost from food scraps. Thank you... Nigel