In a recent article in the 'Stockman and Grass Farmer' a farmer described pasture raised eggs as a gateway drug. Her reasoning was that it was the entry point for many of her customers to the world of organic produce, meat and grains. They are sucked into this world by their love of the eggs.

I know many of you like my family are, to be very honest, addicted to the eggs we produce. Eric and Andrew went on a trip to Washington DC in the spring and the first thing they told me when getting home was how bad the eggs were in the hotel.

This week there will be no eggs delivered except for one site who took the bullet last week. I do not have enough for everyone and with deliveries all happening on one day. With the new flock laying small pullet eggs now, albeit only 2.5 dozen per day, this could be the last time I have to 'ration' eggs.

I know some of you will be very upset. This is my decision so please do not lambaste Molly or Cameron in the office. I have done my best to make sure this would not happen but it has and I am dealing with it as best I can.

Do I sound defensive? Well I am after conversations with more than a few customers over the years when we have had to ration eggs. Quite frankly these eggs are precious, expensive to produce and we all need to be thankful that we get them at all. I now no longer want to eat any other eggs.

All my fellow pasture range egg producers are low on production, tis' the season as they say. As the nights get longer the chickens natural cycle is to lay less.