I like Thanksgiving for the simple act of getting together with family and friends to share a meal without all the gift obligations of “the other turkey day.” For me it’s also a time to reflect on the past season on the farm. Each year brings its own challenges and success.

The unsung heroes at Eatwell Farm are the farm crew, who are out in the field, rain, shine or blazing heat. They work long hours, working hard and intelligently. Many have put in multiple years here, which gives me pride as they choose to stay. The public faces of the farm in the office, at the market, or at our various events, belie the fact that the real work gets done in the field, growing the produce, and taking care of the chickens every day. Today, on everyone’s behalf, I want to thank them….  Have a great Thanksgiving!             — Nigel

  One of the best things about Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is that it’s the one national holiday we have that truly celebrates food that’s indigenous to the United States. Turkey? That’s from here. Winter squash and pumpkin? Those, too! Potatoes were brought here from South America, but they are now grown in most parts of the U.S. Sweet potatoes are in season in many regions, as are Brussels sprouts. Cranberries aren’t solely from here, but they owe their popularity to the Thanksgiving hubbub. It warms my heart to think of families and friends all over the country coming together for one day a year (at least) to savor one another’s company and the bounty of our fields. I hope you all have the happiest Thanksgivings and wish you luck in integrating all the items in our box!                        —Molly