Cameron is Lorraine’s son, has taken over from Yvette while she is busy taking care of her new born, Leo. Cameron will be going to South America with the Peace Corp in the spring, until then he is proving to be great help for Molly in the Office. He has taken on some little side projects such as setting up the ‘Members Deals’ page on the web site where you can order our lavender and salt products. He is using Google Checkout to make it easy to place and pay for your order. Please take a look at his handiwork, the link to the page is in this and last weeks newsletter.

Lorraine runs ‘Drinkwell Soda’ which she is selling at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market every Saturday. The sodas are lacto-fermented, which makes them naturally fizzy, full of probiotics and electrolytes. Did I mention that they are delicious to boot!

Eric and Andrew will be at the market every Saturday until Christmas, they are keen to earn some money to help pay for their baseball. The play on the travel team  Davis 'Crush'.

Thanks for supporting our family Farm… Nigel