It has been six months since Lorraine's debut at the market with her lacto fermented sodas. They are natural, pro-biotic and delicious. Each week she has had new flavors and they just keep getting better. She is now bottling them at the market so you can take them home. Last week we made our first order with the bottle distributor in San Leandro. We can now offer the sodas in the bottles at a much better price. From now on they will be $5 plus $1 for the bottle but for this Saturday only Lorraine is charging Just $5 with the bottle.

These soda make a great non alcoholic alternative during the holiday season. They are a unique gift and party favor. She will have all the flavors on tap to drink at the market and you will be able to by bottles from her stand and the Eatwell stand also. She will announce the flavors on her blog and facebook page (drinkwell soda)  on Friday.

Our Farm stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market will be bulging with extra holiday produce and gifts. There will be a bin of sweet potatoes and lots of vegetables and  herbs. Last minute farm gifts can be picked up also. We will have lots of eggs as the chickens have picked up on production. Don't forget to pick up a bag of our freshly milled flour, great for pizza, bread and pancakes.

Thank you all for your support and please say hello at the market.