This time of the year the chickens can turn a piece of ground down to bare earth in no time. This makes me anxious as we have to move them quickly. If we aren’t able to, there comes a time when disease can be a problem. Last Friday we moved the chickens from their “Holiday Home” on last year’s strawberry beds to the new pasture where they will spend some time this year. We had to move them with this week’s forecast of heavy rains. Unfortunately the new pasture was not as solid and dry as we hoped, and some of the houses got stuck. One is partly blocking an on-farm road. This is not how we like things to be. As I always say,  keeping chickens on pasture year-round is a learning experience and is part of the  journey to produce food in a more sustainable way. We will get the houses into their correct formation as soon as it dries out.

The ladies do have fresh pasture now, so the eggs will be better than ever. Enjoy!