P1250022 These rains are welcome and desperately needed. We cannot grow crops without enough water. Our water comes from Lake Berryessa. This picture was taken on Monday afternoon and shows the lake at about 67% of capacity. When it is full it overflows into the ‘Glory Hole’ seen in the center of the picture. At full capacity the lake holds three years supply.

Last Tuesday afternoon I was driving to pick up supplies in Vacaville when a weather alert on the radio announced a tornado and hail warning  for the part of Solano County where we farm. I called Jose to warn him, luckily the crew had finished picking in the field and someone was set to watch the weather. A few minutes later the hail hit our farm for a couple of minutes. The hail was pea sized.  It damaged the mature lettuce and spinach. On Wednesday morning it became apparent that the damage was enough to not be able to put these item s in the boxes for Thursday delivery. We have younger plantings of both of these crops which seem to have come through the hail unscathed. P1210003These crops will not start growing again for another three weeks until the middle of February when it typically warms up around here. On Friday Jose and I checked the crops again. The undersides of the leaves of both the spinach and lettuce are damaged. If we put these in your Eatwell Box they would breakdown to a mush very soon.

I know the spinach in particular is very much loved, we will all miss it. Lorraine makes a mean creamed spinach. We have other crops to keep our boxes full and interesting. Thanks for your support... Nigel