With all the rain we have been experiencing the last few weeks an empty pond is a rare thing and something I am very happy about. This is not just any pond, it is our tail water pond. This means it is the pond to which all our fields drain into. If it rains faster than the soil can absorb the water this pond catches all that run off water. See where I am going... Our soils have absorbed all the rainfall. This means that they are free draining and water absorbent, an organic sponge. This water is held in the soil until the crops need it.

Compare to some of our neighbors fields which have overflowed and flooded roads on a daily basis. The brown, soil laden water eventually finds its way to the Bay. This soil is precious, we need to keep it on the fields not silt up drainage ditches, the Delta and the Bay.

Farming organically/sustainably means more than just growing great tasting, nutritious food.  Our hold on life on this world of our depends on how we treat and care for an average depth of 6 inches of topsoil. Loose it and we will perish.

As I tell people your money buys more than just a great box of fruit and vegetables.