1 bag Eatwell kale-collards mix¼-⅓c.  raw sunflower seeds ½ c. large breadcrumbs ¼-⅓c. finely-grated Asiago cheese

Vinaigrette: 1-2 green garlic stalks, minced ½ c. olive oil 2 - 4 Tbsp. lemon juice salt & pepper, to taste

Make vinaigrette combining garlic with oil & lemon juice. Mix well. Add salt & pepper. Taste to correct proportions; it should be stronger than a vinaigrette for lettuce. The breadcrumbs need to be large, so it’s best to use day-old bread. Give them a whirl in the blender, & then toast the breadcrumbs either on the stove or in oven to a pale golden brown or until dry. Ready-made croutons could be used if they are crushed to the appropriate size. Lightly toast sunflower seeds.  Let these cool while preparing the greens. If greens are young, julienne across the leaves until the rib gets tough. Then remove the rib & julienne the remaining leaf.  The pieces should be about the width of a rosemary leaf.  Wash & remove most of moisture.  Combine all ingredients in serving bowl, dress & toss well. Enjoy!

Submitted by former CSA member Jennifer Roberts