At the fall equinox every year egg production dives. The days are getting shorter and the hens have been laying all summer. We are very appreciative of how much everyone loves these eggs but some people can get a little panicky if we have to ration them. Rest assured that this year I am sure that we have the problem nailed.

Here's the plan.... We have chicks in the house above which are now a month old and ready to move out into the field. They will start laying in late July and should be at full production by September. We have 900 more chicks arriving tomorrow morning which will begin to lay at the end of August. With the residual production of the other three flock and two fresh flock it is my 'hope' that we can cover all our egg requests from members.

I would like to add another flock to come into lay in October/November but before I can order those chicks we have to build another house. We can only do this if we have the time and the money available. Watch out for chick pictures on the blog and facebook in the morning.