Last Friday was the day we have been working towards since the foundation pad was laid last November. We put up the steel skeleton then tied rebar, installed the electrical conduit and finally the forming foam. All we needed to do was to apply the shotcrete. This is a specialist job and we called in Jesse and his crew from Deluxe Shotcrete in Santa Rosa.

The house is now covered with at least four inches of reinforced concrete and is good for about 900 years once we have covered it with earth. Test panels of concrete were taken and when they tell us that the concrete is cured to 4,000 pounds per square inch strength we can load up the soil. Until then we can work on installing the waterproofing system.

The rain this past weekend means that we have no work in the field planting crops so I can guilt free work on the house. The picking crew is busy as always preparing your Eatwell Boxes.

Fernando is very proud of the house, he spent a great deal of time finishing the concrete.