We got a call a few weeks ago from a fish farm near Sacramento that produced caviar from Sturgeon fish. The had fish trimmings, heads, tails etc and wanted to find a home for them without having to pay a rendered to take them away. Their idea was that we could make them into fish fertilizer for use on the farm. That takes very special equipment so would not work for us.

There are organic chicken farms that feed waste parts from the killing of their own beef cattle, chickens are omnivores. My hope was that the chickens would eat the fish providing them with valuable protein and anything that was left over would fertilize the fields for the following crops.

I visited the farm and came away with some samples. Unfortunately the chickens were not interested in the flesh. I am not sure why but I put the farm in touch with a local free range pork producer for him to try.

Each of the tins of caviar in the picture above can retail for $2,500!