When we bought this farm back in the late nineties we were very happy to discover that it was not polluted with pesticides. It had been farmed with care using pesticides only when the pest problem went over a certain pre-defined threshold. Some farms just spray because that is what they have always applied to the crops our farm was not one of those.

What we did not find was any worms. This is easily explained because the fertilizer du jour of the time was anhydrous ammonia, cheap and effective. It is also a well know worm killer. Maybe you can bring in a few worms to inoculate your back garden but not 65 acres. So all we could do was plant cover crops, apply compost and farm it well. Build it and they will come. They did, after one year I found my first worm and put a picture of it on the front of the newsletter.

Last week I was walking the farm with Jose and randomly checked the soil in a bed. There was a worm! I know you might not get quite so excited about worm s as I do but what they show is a healthy soil. I take it a a validation for the work we all do at Eatwell Farm. With our members support we not only protect what is now 105 acres but we nourish it and bring it back to life. Thank you for your support, it's your worm too!