½ sourdough baguette in 1” cubes                                                 2 Tbsp. olive oil                                                                             ½ c. shelled Fava beans                                                                 ½ c. chopped onion                                                                      ¼ c. chopped fennel                                                                     ½ c. sliced carrots 1½ c. chopped chard leaves 1½ c. chopped tomatoes Salt and pepper Pecorino cheese, grated

Toast baguette cubes in oven until chewy/crispy.  Saute oil, beans, onion, fennel and carrot over low heat in medium saucepan.  When beans are quite tender, after about 40 minutes, add chard and tomatoes and cook for another 20 minutes.  Season to taste with salt & pepper.  Serve over croutons with cheese garnish.  Serves 2.

From Eatwell Farm CSA member Amy Kuhlmann