1 bunch basil1 garlic clove salt ¼ c. pine nuts or walnuts, toasted ¼ c. grated Parmesan, if desired ¼ c. olive oil

Pick the leaves from the bunch of basil (no stems!). This should yield about 1 lightly packed cup. There are two methods for making this: mortar-and-pestle or food-processor. In a mortar and pestle, pound garlic clove & some salt to form a paste. Add & continue to pound the nuts, then add Parmesan cheese. Transfer mixture to a bowl. Coarsely chop basil leaves & put them in mortar. Pound leaves to a paste, then return the nut mixture to the mortar. Continue pounding as you gradually pour in olive oil. Depending on the consistency, you can add more oil if it's preferred. Taste for salt & adjust accordingly. To make in a food processor, follow the same order of steps. You don’t need to chop the basil first, if you’re using the food processor. Toss onto perfectly-cooked pasta, use as a dip for veggies, make into a vinaigrette (thin with more olive oil and add some yummy balsamic vinegar), or employ as the sauce for your favorite pizza. So many ways to enjoy this wonderful, versatile sauce. Freezes well, too!

adapted from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food