From Eatwell Farm Photos 2010

We use a great deal of water to grow the produce for our Eatwell Boxes. We also go to great lengths to minimize our use. Water saving systems cost money but can save us money and conserve a very valuable resource for us all. We have almost completed the installation of a sprinkler system in the orchard.

We chose this type as it gives us good coverage over the orchard floor, saves water and gets the pipes away from damage by the mower, weed whacker and hoes. It was first used locally by Russ Lester at Dixon Ridge Farm on 220 acres of Walnuts. Russ raved about it to me so we gave it a try on one line of trees in the orchard. The results were plain to see. It has cost us around $8,000 in labor, equipment rental and materials. Not a small sum of money but very worthwhile.

I try very hard to spend wisely the money our members send us for their boxes. We are on a journey to a more sustainable farm. A journey that can be frustratingly slow at times. We have to choose what to work on when the time and money allows. We do appreciate your support of our work.... Nigel and the farm crew.