This is something new we’re doing with our brand-new system! We will be posting the accurate list of each day’s box contents here, so you can double-check against the contents of your box! Here’s the first-ever day-of-delivery update: What’s in your box today (consume in order of appearance on this list!):

Chives: Keep in a plastic bag in the fridge. Wash right before use. Remember: fresh herbs are tender and heat will destroy their flavor; they should be added toward the end of the cooking time or sprinkled over the top of a dish just before serving. Fresh herbs will last just a few days.

Basil: Yum! It’s gorgeous, succulent, and oh-so-aromatic! Please keep in mind that we are growing three different varieties this year (a large, curly variety called Genovese; a narrow-leaved variety called Lemon Basil; and a regular, Italian Large-Leaf basil). Adds depth to many dishes. Use soon. Store in plastic bag in fridge. Keep dry and remove blackened leaves.

Strawberries: So sweet & tasty! Store in fridge in green basket in paper bag or in closed plastic container with a damp paper towel. Wash only when ready to use. Eat soon. Please return green baskets to your delivery site in an orderly fashion!

Bunched Asian Mustard Greens: From our transitional fields (this means it’s not certified organic) Please contact us with questions about transitional produce & organic certification; we’re happy to explain how we keep the items separate. We finally entered our third year of transition to organic on our leased piece of land — we’ll be able to have the parcel certified Nov. 2010! Stored these spicy greens in a plastic bag in the fridge and wash just before use. These greens are tender and won’t last too long! Sautee or mix into a salad. Sooo good!

Spinach: From our transitional fields (see bunched greens above). May be muddy. To clean, first rinse quickly to remove mud chunks. Then fill up a bowl with cold water. Remove leaves from stems & all yellow leaves. Put in water, swish, & let soak for 5-10 min. Lift leaves out of water, rinse & blot/spin dry. Use the discarded water for your houseplants! Store in plastic bag in fridge. Lettuce: From our transitional fields (see bunched greens above). Great for salads & sandwiches or sautés. Store in plastic bag in fridge. Remove yellow leaves & wash before use.

Summer Squash: Store in fridge in plastic bag. Can damage easily but adds a special something to any sauté, soup, or bread. Chioggia Beets: From our transitional fields (see bunched greens above). These are the gorgeous “candy-striped” beets — always a hit! Sweet and beautifully colored with red-and-white rings, Chioggia beets (pronounced kee-OH-zhah) should be used like any other beets. Don’t forget to eat the greens, too — they’re extremely good for you and oh-so-tasty! Store roots separately from greens. Keep both roots and greens in fridge. Eat the greens just like you would eat chard! So good!

Bunching Onions: From our transitional fields (see bunched greens above). These onions are bunched & ready to eat! Peel outer leaves & wash. Great raw or cooked. Store in fridge.

New Potatoes: These are new potatoes, meaning their skins haven’t yet cured. Store these in the fridge and eat the skin for most nutrients! Wash before eating. Tender and sweet. Yum! See website for varieties we are growing this year!

Garlic Bulbs: The garlic we're sending out is already cured for long-term storage! Please store in paper bag in a cool, dark, dry location. We will be giving you much of this garlic for the next few weeks. We have planned so you can have a stash of garlic for months!