P7090074.JPGSummer squash is a staple item in our Eatwell Boxes. We use the drip lines to germiante the seeds which we sow directly into the beds. We remove the drip line to hoe and thin the crop. We then re-lay the drip line which provides all the water that the crop needs. These squash are from seeds provided to us by our neighbors and good friends at Magnum Seeds. The seed is untreated and not GMO. They like to see how their varietes do unter the 'harsh conditions' of organic farming. the answer very well indeed. They have often complained why our crops do not have so many bugs as theirs do. the short answer is that they pump in the nutrients which feed the plants and the bugs wsuch as aphids. Aphis rate of reproduction is directly related to the amonia levels in the plant sap. the more amonia the faster they reproduce.