P7120001.JPGThis is the variety that we use here. We plant in early October and start to harvest green garlic in February. By now the heads are fully mature and dry. The tops break away easily as we harveste them. We will continue to to harvest and put them into your box until the crop is done. we do not have anyway of keeping these to put in your boxes later. We suggest that you keep these in their paper bags in a cool dark place away from moisture. I got a call from Steve at Lockharts seed today. Steve is our garlic seed supplier and he ways asking what to do as the farmer who grows the seed has had a poor harvest. The crop is grown in the high desert to avoid aphid transmission of virus. There is lowland garlic available which we do not like to use as it does not germinate so quickly and has more virus infection. there is high desert available but the heads are not cracked. We plant cloves and the thought of cracking 1500lbs of garlic heads is not a happy one. As we buy in a group with five other organic farmers we need to come to a consensus so I await the thought of other farmers.