P7180049.JPG After coming home from the market last Saturday Jose asked me to change some valves on the irrigation system. I was out in the field at 8pm on Agustin golf cart zooming around turning on one valve turning off another. I then lost all my water, the pump was still working so I stopped it and went back to the well, it seemed fine so I took off looking for a break in the pipe and found none. It took me some time to figure out that the well was misbehaving, it finally stopped working.  Not the best time for this to happen. I placed a call to Scott expecting to hear from him on Monday morning. We have enough water on hand to irrigate the greenhouse so I was not stressing too much.

Scott called me back as I was leaving him a message, he would be out to the farm first thing Sunday morning. At 7.30 am hi truck rolled up. Within 30 minutes he had us back up running again. A spider had commited suicide between the electrical contacts on the pump controller.

I call this service, thank you Scott. I made sure he went home with eggs and bacon (we trade eggs for bacon at Fatted Calf). We were both happy!