P7290029.JPG I have to say that I consider myself very lucky. My family is healthy and happy.  We live a modest but good life. I also get to work at my passion in life, growing food.

Over the years is has become evident to me that what really thrills me is seeing how the people who work on the farm thrive. Take Jose for example; the first year he worked here I do not think he ever made eye contact with me or spoke a word. Now he runs the crew and is involved in every decision for the farm. He has blossomed into an amazing and confident individual. Some of you may have been on his farm walk in the spring of 2009. Drawing out peoples potential can be hard but always rewarding.

Molly has learnt a grate deal since she first came almost four years ago. The CSA managers job is an educational one and we ask for a years commitment. This is a job where young farmers get the business training that everyone who wants to farm needs. They must have office experience as they will have to run their farms well to be able to get loans etc. Liz, who you will all get to meet soon has a farm in Texas with her partner Robert. Robert is studying for his masters in Vegetable crop production at UC Davis. Liz will take over from Molly this week.

Fernando came to us with many years of experience working on conventional farms then working in track home construction. We do things very differently here on the farm and building an earth covered home out of concrete and steel has opened his eye's. He is thriving.

I have been helped a great deal over the years by many people, even now I have my mentors who continue to guide me. I have to make sure that I leave this farm in a better condition than I received it but also we have to make sure that we have farmers to farm it too.