P8130006.JPG Potatoes love cool  weather and we had that plenty this last spring. I believe our crop is at least twice as big as we have ever had. Now we did plant them on last years chicken pasture which meant that they had all the nutrients that they could need and then some. I was concerned that they looked too good in case we had an organic inspection. I never added anything to the soil just a great alfalfa pasture and lots of chickens doing what they always do. We have been harvesting the crop over the last few weeks and putting it in our new cool room. We  evicted Anna with all her lavender products out of this sea container and moved her to Lorraine's Drinkwell facility in Dixon. Anna is very happy she has much more room and she also like to drink Lorraine's softers. This is an insulated container lined with stainless steel. We installed a large  room air conditioner to keep the temperature at 60 F. I would like it to be 50 F  so I have purchased a coolbot controller which overrides the sensors on the air conditioners so that it keeps on cooling below 60 F. We will install this in the morning and let you know how well it works.

We hope to be able to keep the potatoes in great shape until Festivus.