P8140010.JPG Communal cooking on the farm is one of my favorite events. To see so many people very focused putting up tomato sauce for the winter just thrills me. They all get to see the farm, meet us, use tomatoes that would other wise go to the chicken or be composted. A win, win, win situation all around to my mind. It is a lot of work especially after a long week on the farm but so well worth it. It is your farm and these tomatoes are yours, you pay us to grow them. if you have not seen the video posted on Sunday please scroll down the page and check it out.

At these events you get to meet other members and share cooking tips. There is also a mini arms race, of sorts, in respect of the equipment brought to bear on the very large pile of tomatoes we pick for you. We provide pressure canners to make sure that the sauce you prepare is safely preserved. I will have an extra canner and burners for this next event on September 4th. There is an info sheet with all the details on how to sign up with this weeks box.

Please do join us it is so much fun.... Nigel