What a combination, beer made form Barley that we grew and a whole line of heirloom tomatoes to taste. Not forgetting great foods available to purchase some made with our tomatoes. All this could be yours if you join us at Thristy Bear on Howard street next to the Moscone Center next Tuesday 24th August. P6060025.JPG

It all started when Eatwell member Chris Goldsmith started brewing beer with our wheat.  I like many others who came to our farm events wanted to encourage Chris in every way we could. I offered to grow him some barley. I called up our seeds man and ordered malting barley seed. We planted 8 acres, that some provide him with enough we thought. In fact it yielded about 16 tons last summer. Chris has been looking to set up his own brewery or have it contract brewed all to no avail. The next best thing was to encourage a local brewery to use it. he eventually found Thirsty bear who have been going down the same sustainable road we have for a while now. They jumped on our offering. We sent the barley to Colorado malting to have it malted by people who know how to malt.

We delivered the malted barley to Brenden at Thirsty Bear in late July. He was delighted with it and pronounced on the spot that he could make a very respectable golden ale out of this malt. He will make a strong Golden Ale. It is maturing in vats at Thirsty Bear at this very moment.

Please join us, bring your friends, family, workmates along. Enjoy our tomatoes ( and we hope strawberries) and taste some of our very own beer. The event is open to everyone, no charge for tasting tomatoes but you will have to buy the beer!

Tuesday 24th August 5pm till its all gone.

Let's fill the place!  Nigel