P8150028.JPG Those of you who received your box today should have up to 3 beautiful eggplant. Simon came on the farmwalk last Sunday morning after he spent the night with his Mum on the farm. He says that he likes eggplant 'some ways'. Some of you may be very excited to recieve extra eggplant others not so. We have a solution...  Place them in a paper bag, put them on your neighbors doorstep, ring the bell and run. You could also give them to a friend who 'openly' loves eggplant.

We have so many because we planted less than last year?  To explain this we need to understand that eggplant flowers 'abort' when temperatures exceed 95 F. So with the cool summer the plants have set many more fruit than normal. Our great organic soil can supply the nutrients needed to mature the fruit which is why we have many extra this year.

Enjoy!.. Nigel