There is plenty to do as the seasons change here on the farm. We are taking down the shade on the strawberry beds,next we have to remove the plastic mulch. The winter squash beds are all harvested so now we need to wind up all the drips lines to use again next year. Roberto will then mow the crop residue before cultivating the beds. So far we have only had light sprinkles, it looks like someone went around the farm with a damp rag. We are expecting real rain on Sunday. While I was in Sonoma delivering Rose Geranium on Friday Roberto sowed 1.5 acres of beds with more winter crops such a spinach, lettuce, chard etc.

I am often asked how the rain effects the crops and the short answer is that pretty much any change is loved by some and loathed by others. Sunday's rain will cause the tomatoes to split but it will also cause the winter vegetables to burst into life and double in size over a week. For me I need to have great fruits and vegetables 50 weeks a year to fill our Eatwell Boxes. I am then happy.