We like to think that we take good care of our chickens and they only have one bad day. For some 500 birds this will be Friday. Today we went to Stockton to buy 50 used transport crates. We need to have our own to prevent the possibility of the spread of disease if we borrow from another farmer. The chickens will be 'processed' and frozen. The egg layers have no meat on them so we will keep them frozen until the USDA in Washington DC approves our label for chicken stock. This will take 3 weeks so we will not have the stock available for sale until after Thanksgiving. The stock will be frozen. The stock will be available to members and if any is left we will take it to the farmers market. More details to follow.

Today after organizing the passing of one set of chickens I ordered a new batch of chicks which will arrive on November 12th. This is the way it works. Our chicks that arrived a couple of weeks ago are doing very well.