Dear CSA Members, I am excited to let you know Drinkwell is now available with your box delivery!  (If you are not familiar with the soft drink we produce here at Eatwell please read the description below.)  To start we are keeping the ordering process very simple.  Please call or email me with your order by 4:00 on Monday the week of your delivery and we will add it on as an extra.  I will process these orders separate from the farm products; therefore I will need credit card information, your delivery location and day.  My email is drinkwellsofters@gmail.comor call me at 530-554-3971.

With your CSA delivery you can order Drinkwell for the special price of $4.00 per bottle, with no bottle deposit (at the market we sell Drinkwell for $5.00 plus a $1.00 bottle deposit).   Please returnyour bottle with your boxes each week so I can keep this low price; you can put the empty bottles into the egg coolers.

Ordering Information

Bottle content is 500-ml/16 oz, minimum order is 4 bottles but you can mix up the flavors however you like.  The flavors are:

Lavender                     Lemon Verbena                       Rose Geranium                      Rosemary

Thank you for your support of the Farm and Drinkwell,




Drinkwell Softers Lacto-Fermented Soft Drink With Living Probiotics

Drinkwell Softers are made with fresh organic flavor ingredients from Eatwell Farm, St. Benoit yogurt whey (our source of lacto-bacillus), Organic cane sugar and a pinch of French grey sea salt.  The live lacto-bacillus convert sugars into lactic acid and CO2, making Drinkwell mildly effervescent and naturally low in sugar.  Unlike soda,we do not use artificial ingredients for flavor, color or preserving, and no carbonation is added.   The sugar content is less than ½ of what is typical of commercial soft drinks.  Drinkwell Softers are naturally high in probiotics, digestive enzymes and electrolytes, packaged in returnable glass bottles, and locally produced; a softer choice for our bodies as well as the planet!  The clean, crisp flavors are delicious on their own, but also make fantastic cocktail mixers.  Enjoyed by adults and children alike.