I know many are asking where the crop is... It is a disappointment and we are hoping to take another look when the soil dries out next week. If you recall back to the wet and cold spring we could not get any plants until the end of May. We took a gamble and planted three weeks late. The weather stayed cool through June, particularly at night. The crop is not as uniform in the field as we normally get. The last time we harvested we saw many plants with barely formed  potatoes, others with a couple of large ones,  rarely were any plants with the nice potatoes we have come to love and expect.

So I suppose I'm trying to break this as gently as I can.. There will be very few sweet potatoes this season, if any. I have to remind myself that regular  potatoes had an incredibly good year. We have lots of spinach and other fall crops so our Eatwell Box is delicious and bountiful.