1/4 cup hoisin sauce 1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/2 cup vegetable stock

1/2 tsp small red chilies, chopped fine

3 cups whole leaf spinach, stems removed AND/OR stir-fry greens, washed and patted dry

1 1/2 tbsp fresh ginger root, grated

1 block firm tofu, sliced into 1/2 inch sticks

In a large fry pan, pour in hoisin sauce, rice vinvegar, ginger, chilies, and vegetable stock.  Cook on medium heat for 4 minutes, then add firm tofu sticks and simmer for 3 minutes or heated tofu.  Place spinach and/or greens on top of tofu, cover and heat quickly until wilted.  To serve, divide among plates, place tofu and sauce on top.

submitted by our wonderful bookkeeper, Eleanor Frogier