PB220021.JPG Our crop this year is late, very late. We planted three weeks late in early June which was then followed by cool night and very few hot days and nights this past summer.  Sweet potatoes are a sub tropical crop and English weather just does not cut it.

The variety we plant is Diane which is an orange flesh one. It is similar to to Garnet, a little less sweet but with much more sweet potato flavor. Another big factor in why they taste so good is our soil. Almost all sweet potatoes are grown in very sandy soils. This makes them very smooth and easy to harvest. Our soil is a silty clay loam, which hold more moisture and nutrients. This makes the crop more flavorful and ugly. As my mother says... beauty is only skin deep ( another one is 'Handsome is as handsome does'). Thank you for all the compliments, many of you enjoyed them with your Thanksgiving meal.

Our goal here is to grow the most nutritious and flavorful crops... Nigel