*If you will not be around to enjoy your delivery this week and would like to have it donated to the Food Pantry in San Francisco, or if you have already made a cancellation but want to change it to a donation instead, please contact Liz at (866) 627-2465.

Here’s what we hope to put in your box this week (December 15th-16th). Please note that this list to subject to change, for any variety of reasons. It’s best to read the “Today’s Box” post next week to know for sure what we have packed for you.

The items are listed in the order in which they should be consumed. Enjoy!







Red Ace Beets


Fuyu Persimmons

Satsuma Mandarins

Diane Sweet Potatoes

Delicata Squash

Note: There may be some last minute changes due to weather, maturity, etc. Most items are picked the day before delivery. We will post an updated list of each day’s box contents on Wednesday morning!