The cool, some would say cold, spring was just perfect for potatoes. The crop had the benefit of being planted on the previous years alfalfa and chicken ground so it was super fertile. I have never seen a better crop nor have I seen so many flowers on potatoes. They were in heaven. The crop yield was almost three times normal.

The variety of strawberries that we grow as our main crop is Albion. It is well suited to the hot weather that we normally experience around here. It was very slow getting going this year. Our strawberry days in May were not all abundant. Fortunately we did have another variety, Camarosa, which came on strong in the cool spring. Albion surprised us by producing all the way through the summer.
The strawberry days are a wonderful way we can entice you out to the farm. We think we grow some pretty wonderful tasting berries to put in your box every week. Once you taste them warm and ripe from the vine everyone is amazed how good they are. It does mean that buying those crunchy red things that are white in the middle which some people call strawberries from store do not cut it after tasting the real thing.
I have been accused of ‘another thing I can’t eat anymore from the store like the eggs’
This years crop looks great! We have used a woven plastic mesh to keep the weeds at bay and the berries clean. It seems to be working great so far.