I was very happy to receive this document from our workers compensation company this morning. Our losses, as they call them, are $32 for the last five years. Which means for the $125,000+ (yes, no typo) in premiums that I have paid over that time there has only been one small claim. Farming is a dangerous profession, that there is no doubt about it safety is number one priority here. I firmly believe that we all deserve a safe place to work. With all the safety training that we do here on the farm the one thing that I stress is common sense and watching out for each other. Neither Jose or myself can be everywhere watching everyone at the same time. We have to make sure our equipment is as safe as possible but things do break. Jose and I continue to strive to train the crew in safe working practices. Accidents do happen but let's hope we can have another five years where no one gets hurt. As a side note the last two accidents on the farm was Jose who slipped as he was walking back to his car and his brother Martin, who was our foreman upto 2005. Martin was too busy making sure everyone else on the crew was drinking enough water on a hot day to practice what he preached. He ended up in the emergency room dehydrated. He was fine only his pride was a little hurt.

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