Jose and the farm crew arrived at 9am this morning, bankers hours you might say. But no, they will be here until 7pm this evening. Their task, once it gets dark, is to make sure all the laying hens are locked in their houses. It is much easier to catch the girls as their night vision is almost no existant. Most of the hens will be obediently roosting on their perches in side the houses. A few, and ther always are like to roost on the wheel axles of the trailers. This means we have to crawl under the houses so that we can 'relocate them'.  This is the once a year night when we lock the door to the chicken houses. Tomorrow morning they will be moved to the new pasture for this year.  The new pasture is wonderful, I am very happy that we were able to plant some of it in September. It is now lush and the ladies will be very happy to have fresh pasture to explore. Today they spent the afternoon enlarging the runs for the chicks as both flocks are now big enough to run free without fear of Hawks swooping down for a tasty chick snack.