DSCF0069.JPG The wheat we will be milling into flour this fall and later is now growing in the field. We will harvest it in June. It is a little patchy, meaning that germination was not perfect. This, I believe, is due to the fact that that the pasture was cultivated, beds prepared and the wheat planted too soon. It takes time for all the vegetation in a pasture to be 'digested' by the soil. Our seeds can get caught up in all the biological activity associated with this leading to poor germination.

On the plus side the pasture and the chickens have provided great fertility to the crop, it is very green. All the wheat crops around us get a dose of synthetic fertilizer in the spring applied by plane. Wheat needs a boost to get it going in the spring. Our crop has it provided organically. We are excited to see our yield in June given the less than optimal germination.