DSCF0438.JPG Daisy is our guard dog for the chickens. She lives with the chickens but sometimes she just get sick of them. She does a great job but if you lived with 5,000 chicken you would need a break. So Sunday morning she got out of the fence and came to say hello and get some love.

Daisy protects the chickens from Coyotes, stray dogs and people. This is one of the reasons we do not allow visitors to bring their dogs on the farm. She could attack them if they came too close to the chickens. Another farm who has Pasture Raised birds have a dog just like Daisy, his name is Junior. They allow customers to bring dogs and they always like to visit Junior. So when a couple of feral dogs came through the farm and attacked the chickens Junior just stood by. Daisy is a worker on the farm just like all of us.

She is the most intelligent and loving dog that I have know. Loved by all of us.