Strawberries: These gorgeous fruits should be eaten soon as we pick them ripe, but to store, leave in little green basket inside of paper bag in fridge and wash only before consuming.  Please return the baskets to your delivery site so they can be reused.  Enjoy!

Chives:  These should be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge and wash right before use.  You can also freeze them!  Mix finely-chopped chives with just enough olive oil or butter to bind them together and freeze the mixture in ice cube trays.  They do not dry well and will last for only a few days.  Remember:  fresh herbs are tender and heat will destroy their flavor;  they should be added toward the end of the cooking time or sprinkled over the top of a dish just before serving.

Basil: Yum! It’s gorgeous, succulent, and oh-so-aromatic! It adds depth to many dishes and can be made into a tasty pesto. Store in plastic bag in fridge and use soon.

Arugula:  This popular Italian green packs a slight bite with nutty undertones and pairs well in a salad topped with strawberries, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, and toasted nuts.  It is also nice sauteed, in pesto, atop a pizza, or added to soups.  Store dry in plastic bag in fridge. Wash well before eating, & remove all yellowing leaves & stems before cooking. Spin or blot dry.

Mixed Lettuce:  Enjoy these fresh greens for salads & sandwiches!  It is a mix of tender curly, red leaf and romaine lettuces.  Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash well before consuming.

Spinach:  This tasty and nutritious green may be a little dirty(visit for more info) To clean, first rinse quickly, then fill up a bowl with cold water. Put in water, swish, & let soak for 5-10 min. Lift leaves out of water, rinse & blot/spin dry. Use the discarded water for your houseplants! Store in plastic bag in fridge!

Tokyo Turnips:  This ancient veggie is one of the earliest to be cultivated and was a staple before the potato.  It is rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C.  If they arrive with their green tops, remove and store in separate plastic bags in fridge and wash before eating.

Green Garlic:  This garlic is now maturing and some of the leaves may be drying out.  It is more tender than cured garlic cloves, has a milder, less bitter bite and sweetens when cooked.  Can also be eaten raw!  It has flat leaves with v-shaped cross sections.   Store in fridge and use within a week.  Delicious!

Spring Onions:  These onions are great raw in salads or on sandwiches, in omelets, soups, curries, or stir-fries. They are now maturing and may have some leaves that can be trimmed off.  Wash well and remove bottom quarter-inch before consuming.

Dried Peaches: From Good Humus Farm in Capay, CA. CCOF certified organic. They dry their ripest fruit each year; it is unsulphured and dried in the hot summer sun. Keep these dried peaches in your fridge, and soak in to plump up before using. You can also eat them as a snack or use dried. Great in pilafs, chopped and tossed in salad, or minced and mixed with soft goat cheese.

Desiree Potatoes:  These salad spuds are the first of the season and are a beautiful rosy red variety with a creamy texture. Store in fridge and eat the skin for most nutrients! Wash before eating.