DSCF1091.JPG We have just come in and showered after harvesting 3/4 acre of Expresso Wheat. It took us a while to get moving as a drive chain broke. We bought a new one at Bearing Belt and Chain in Woodland. Once installed we started rolling. My Dad took over driving while I made adjustments to the combine.


The crop is OK, I was hoping for more but germination was not as good as I had expected due to the previous pasture not breaking down soon enough before planting. This field was only three years organic at planting so the soil micro fauna was not at the populations to consume the pasture  residue as quickly as I expected. We built it, they came but had not had enough babies yet. Each year the soil life will build and become more vibrant and active.


This was my Dad's first combine driving experience, he did a great job. Tomorrow we have to clean the wheat we harvested today and then we have about the same amount of Blanca Fuerta to work on. We hope to have Expresso and Blanca Fuerta flour at the market this Saturday and to order as an extra for you box. Now that will be fresh flour!