Roberto is working hard to keep these celery and celeriac plant clean from weeds. Ricardo keeps them well watered in this hot weather. They both have communicate well as when the time is right to cultivate Roberto does not want a wet field that he cannot cultivate. The last planting was quite a mess as they just could not get it right and now we have to go through with a hand crew and clean up the weeds. Having weed free crops is something we strive for. We should be able to keep the crop almost completely clean with the equipment that we have.

The sweet potatoes in the picture above have just a few large weeds that we will go through and remove by hand. Here we did a reasonable job of keeping the weeds at bay. One of the issues that we deal with is that we grow so many crops that it is not always possible to do everything we need to do to a crop at exactly the right time. We do our best and we are getting better all the time. The onions in your box are freshly pulled from the field. Jose asked if we should clean them up and I reminded him that it is our goal to have a box delivered to your neighborhood as if you had just gone into your back garden and picked it all fresh yourself. These are real vegetables not one manicured for the store shelves or Martha Stewarts Kitchen. These onions are from beds where the weeds are just too much for us to go in and clean up so as we have run out of our spring harvest we will pick these and save ourselves the job of weeding them.


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