We are happy to support  Eatwell Members with their own sustainable and quality products and services. Member Stephen Pocock shared some of his artisan bacon he cures and smokes with local heritage pork at our 4th of July party and wow, was it good!  He just started a CSA program in San Francisco and is soon to expand into the East Bay.  For more information, check out http://www.damnfinebacon.com/club.

Member Meghan Mead and her family are conscientious stewards of a maple syrup farm in Connecticut that produces delicious pure amber sweetness.  Mead and Mead's Maple Syrup is boiled in welded stainless steel evaporators and filtered twice through a professional filter press. It is 100% pure maple syrup, produced without chemicals, and contains no additives or preservatives.  They taste and vet for quality and sell only the best. The syrup is packaged in 250 ml Italian glass bottles and is $12.    For more information visit http://www.meadsmaplesyrup.com/index.html.  We are excited that Meghan will have  some for fellow Eatwell members to purchase at our Tomato Party on August 13th.