DSCF1205.JPG The wheat harvest on our 1.5 acres was quick. My Dad, daughter and Liz's partner Rob took care of all the driving. I set them up, adjusted the machine and let them play. Now we have to put the combine to bed for the winter until next years crop. It is vital that the machine is cleaned. Kikki spent a morning blowing away all the debris with compressed air. We hope we can squeeze the combine into our event center / greenhouse space. Squeeze being the operative word as by my calculations we will have just a few inches to spare. There it will be safe from the winter storms.

The flour sales have been encouraging this last year and I plan to plant more for harvest next summer. I am not exactly sure how much land we will have available at this stage. We will put another 20 acres into pasture for the chickens leaving 40 acres for fall / winter / spring vegetables and the wheat. I am hoping that we can plant 5 acres.