DSCF1441.JPG Our winter squash crop this year is a little messy, we were just too busy and short of help when they needed hoeing. Normally we have four guys from a farm in Winters who come and help us for a couple of months when they have less to do on the farm where they work. They could not be spared so we had to make some decisions as to what crops were a priority. We all know pretty much what we need to do on the farm but in which order? When we do not have enough time then something can fall off the list. Jose does not like it when we have less than optimal crops such as the sweet potatoes which also have a few too many weeds. I try to reassure him we have to do the best we can with the resources we have available. We are never finished, there is always something to do. If everything had to be perfect then it would be very easy to get bent right out of shape. Farming would not be fun then, in my opinion. I am very happy that Jose and the crew take so much pride in the farm and its crops. It might just be a sign that we are doing somethings right here.