DSCF1424.JPG Over the weekend Jose and the crew planted 24,000 strawberry crowns on one acre. The crowns were dug last January then frozen until last Friday when Kiki picked them up from the nursery freezer in Turlock. They should sprout very soon, bursting back into life. We are using the same woven plastic weed barrier like last year. This allows the water to pass through and the soil to breathe. We irrigated the plants with sprinklers and will switch to drip later when we have time to set it up. The varieties are Seascape and Camarosa. Next year we will go back to Albion which is our preferred variety. The large berries this spring were Seascape and the smaller ones were Chandler. We like Albion as it is a little less fragile while tasting as good if not better. If you are new to the farm then you have to reserve a weekend next May to come out and pick this great fruit ripe in the field. There are pictures on our events page from last years Strawberry days.