In your box last week were a couple of brochures. We are hoping that you will pass them on to friends you know who might be interested in becoming a member of the farm.I am often asked how has the economy affected the farm. My reply has surprised many because it is so personal. We know many of our members we see them at farm events, our kids play together when they are here. So when they call up one day after many years and say they have lost their job and may lose their house, it gets very personal. This is a community, it is so much more than just a box of great fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs and flour. There is something very special about all of you sending us money to grow you produce and then coming to the farm to see what we do. A person remarked this last weekend about us giving them the tomatoes for their sauce for free. I said no they belong to you as you have paid us to grow them and normally as they are seconds they would be left in the field and wasted. There are 100 acres of Solano county that are farmed organically because you care about where your food comes from. There are 5,000 chickens that live like chickens should, free to roam on pasture. They fertilize the ground to grow more great produce. This is important and real work in this sometimes crazy world that we live in. Please help us enlarge our community! We have a limit to what we can produce, but there is currently lots of room for new people.  Please help us spread the word about our community to folks you know.