DSCF1515.JPG Last week Ramon and Roberto spent every moment preparing beds to start sowing our fall crops this morning. At 6.30 am Roberto and I were sorting out seeds and recording what we were going to sow today. Sometime in late August or early September we always get a window of cool weather to sow the first seeds. The heat continued longer than I would like this year but now we have more than five days forecast to be less than 90F. We need our crops to germinate well and keep them moist to ensure a good crop to harvest later. Sowing when it is too hot makes it all more difficult. A couple of weeks ago we did sow some beds and covered them with shade cloth. Only one out of the four has a good 'stand', the rest we will till under. We spend a great deal of money getting to the point of sowing so we have to get that right.