DSCF1539.JPG The chicken house on the left  has 900 chicks in it which proved very popular at the chili party with the young one’s. We encourage you to pick them up as it makes our handling of them less stressful later. More chicks are scheduled to arrive on the 27th so Ramon was towing in another house from the field. This one was almost empty as the girls have moved into other houses. they are sorority girls after all and this one obviously was not hip any more. These two flocks will start laying in the spring replacing two that began laying this spring. One chicken farmer who visited the farm referred to these as chicken palaces. He commentated on  shade cloth the misters around the roof rim, the drinkers inside and out. We like to think of them as a great place to live and lay eggs. Agustin will now pressure wash the house, repair and repaint ahead of the chicks hatching and arriving on the farm.