DSCF1551.JPG We are currently keeping track of all our members with an Access Database that was written by Eatwell Member Joe in 1997. It has gone through many updates and it is solid but at the end of its life. We have been looking hard at all of our options. The criteria for selection was that it is easy to use and allows members to manage their own accounts if they so wish. We will always be at the end of a telephone or email, however, and can enter the data for you. It is our intention to give you an enhanced service. The last thing we want is a barrier between us. Ashlee spends most of her week manually entering data. Once our new system is up and running, she will take over for Liz as CSA Manager.  The system will allow us more time to attend events, meet the members, and make improvements. We have chosen a web based service from Santa Cruz called CSAware. It is part of Local Harvest which is a site many of you may know. Over the next couple of weeks two pick up locations will be selected to test the system, once all is well everyone will be brought on. We are excited to have a web based database as this will free us from the office.  We are farmers after all. We have lots of ideas for events and improvements. I could have dressed in black, called a press conference and walked onto a stage to announce iEatwell but we do not have that kind of budget so the blog will have to suffice. If you have questions or concerns about the changes please contact us.